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Children's Yoga


Yoga is so natural that even babies do it. They breathe with soft bellies using their diaphragm rather than breathing high up in the chest. They stretch like a cobra and they bring their toes to their mouths!


Yoga provides an outlet for the natural creative energy in children. It is an ancient practice, developed over five thousand years ago, but one that can easily be assimilated into our everyday lives here in the West. Yoga is a natural way to experience a balance of physical exercise and mental concentration and is especially helpful for children because their bodies are still developing. Yoga uses breathing and stretching exercises which promote body awareness, increases suppleness and flexibility, builds strength and stamina and also helps to focus their concentration. Documented studies on Yoga for children recently, have found increased ability in listening and co-ordination skills. Not least, is the calming effect that regular relaxation periods can have on children of any ages. Yoga for children employs varied imaginative exercises, games, stretches, relaxation and breathing techniques to enable your children to become more confident and more aware of themselves and their bodies. Through Yoga they are also encouraged to think in a caring, sharing way about each other and the world around them.


Yoga is a gentle, non-competitive form of exercise and children of all ages find it fun and enjoyable. 


I have taught Yoga for children at Primary Schools, having taught in several schools in Hackney, and Stoke Newington, London to ages between 5 and 11. I have also taught children in local primary schools in Oxfordshire for the past two years.


I have experience in teaching yoga to children with learning and developmental disabilities, to increase their cognitive and motor skills and introducing breathing and relaxation to reduce hyperactivity and improve focus and concentration. I teach small groups and also teach on a one to one basis by arrangement.



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