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About Denise


I have practised Yoga since the age of 18 and began with Maxine Tobias whose classes of classical Iyengar Yoga kept me coming back. Maxine currently runs her own Yoga studio in Chelsea and is an inspiration to all who attend her classes. I learnt the correct alignment of Yoga asanas and practised regularly because I felt so good. I moved to Massachusetts, U.S.A. where I lived for 7 years and was introduced to Kripalu Yoga and a sense of freedom. Kripalu Yoga is more attuned to the energy body and the presence and flow of the life force prana within body,mind and spirit. It was very unlike anything I had ever experienced and I learnt how to open up to my own intuitive wisdom and became more aware of sensations in the body/mind. I moved back to England and continued practising Yoga wherever I could.


Since then I have been lucky to be taught by many excellent Yoga teachers, amongst them, Sandy Chubb who is now teaching Yoga with the Phoenix Prison Trust, Wendy Teasdill who tutored me for the BWY Pregnancy module with love and inspiration and Maarten Vermaase who, with his Tibetan Buddhist background, introduced me to the practice of Buddhist Meditation and Kum Nye, Tibetan Healing Exercises. I have practised Kum Nye for 6 years and it influences the type of Yoga that I teach now, with its awareness of sensations in the body/mind. With Maarten I also learnt how breath awareness is essential in Yoga and studied, in depth, Pranayama breathing. After 3 and half years I gained the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma, and have taught Yoga since 2002. I continued studying to receive the BWY qualifications for Children’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Meditation. 


More recently I have travelled to India and Nepal, to explore for myself the history of Yoga, experiencing the practice of hand mudras both in Yoga and dance, chanting, pranayama and meditation. Although not a trained dancer myself, I have a lifelong interest in dancing and so have attended many workshops with Shiva Rea, a world renowned Yoga Teacher, whose

fluid movements, I now incorporate into my own Yoga teaching. I continue to train with Shiva and in addition, with Yoga teachers such as, Donna Farhi, Mohini Chatlani, David Olton, Mark Whitwell and many others who inspire and refresh me so that I may continue to give my love of Yoga to all who share it with me. I have learnt much more from the many students that I have taught so far, who have been an inspiration to me in their needs, interest, affections and their creativity!


Denise Irwin BA (Hons) BWY Dip


mobile - 07870 181563

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I have been practising Yoga with Denise for nearly five years and have found her teaching style excellent for all levels of expertise and flexibility.  Denise is expert at adapting postures to suit individual strengths and weaknesses, her one to one sessions have been particularly beneficial for me in terms of  targeting postures I have been challenged with in class.  I have found the breathing and meditation particularly useful for relieving stress and always finish a session feeling mentally grounded and relaxed, as well as physically fitter. 


Lindsey Harrington

Bells and Whistles



Denise is an inspiring and intuitive teacher, who can instantly relate to my 'real' needs.  I have received one on one tutoring from Denise over the past two years, and have always found her to give me exactly what I require in order to continue along my own spiritual path.


Ann Bruce



We spend our waking hours focussed outward on the world around us, unconsciously absorbing all its stresses and strains until we think that’s who we are. But within each of us there remains our own inner space of peace and calm – we just need to remember it, and to find our way back there. In her yoga classes, DENISE is, for each of us, a safe, a gentle and an indispensable guide along that path, providing the structure and the flow, through yoga practice, with which we can access our own energy. A yoga class with Denise is a positive and creative experience which opens the door to a new perspective on the world.


Leandra Briggs


I was told that I needed to take up either Yoga or Pilates by the hospital and having spoken to Denise decided to start with Yoga.  I felt an immediate empathy with Denise and it is a decision that I have certainly not regretted!  I started with an hour and a half one on one session which I found left me feeling lighter and brighter.  Not that it was all down to the Yoga, some of it was most definitely down to Denise’s positive and caring personality. I then joined a weekly class but Denise knew my limitations and has always kept them in mind making sure I don’t over stretch myself. 

Besides being a very spiritual person who teaches Yoga with feeling and passion Denise has taught me so well I can now touch my toes for the first time in 23 years!!


Sarah Stoves





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